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Tips Before Moving Homes

Packing and moving can be an annoying and tiring experience. Here are some of the best ways to get prepared and make the transition as smooth as possible:

At least a month before your move out date, start getting rid of stuff you do not. Donate old clothes to charity, offer old books to friends, and consider selling any extra stuff.
Gather your most important documents and put them together in a folder or briefcase. This includes passports, tax documents, birth certificates, and other materials..
Put together a survival box with medication, first aid items, water, baby products, and more. This way you can find anything important quickly during and after the move.
Have your mail redirected through the post office. Contact the utilities company to have your service transferred and similar tasks.
A day or two before your move, ensure that your refrigerator is empty. You should also defrost and dry the unit.

Office Moving Guidelines

Moving offices can be a chaotic and stressful experience. Here are a few tips to help the transition go smoothly:

Make sure that everyone in the office backs up any important work. This ensures that the status of all projects are up-to-date after the move.
Get rid of any items you no longer need including old computers, monitors, documents, unused desks, etc. This can also be a great time to upgrade to new equipment.
Keep all important documents together such as receipts, tax information, payroll documents, and similar materials. These should be secured in a lockbox or safe.
Plan out where everything will go at your new office including cubicles, furniture, printers, and more. This includes detailed measurements so that everything fits properly.

Tips for Moving Furniture

If you plan to move some of the furniture yourself, keep these tips in mind for your safety and protection:

Measure door frames, stairwells and rooms at the new location to ensure that everything fits properly
Never lift heavy items alone
Lift with your legs and not your back to minimize the risk of injury
Wrap the furniture with blankets or pads to avoid any scratching and staining
Use furniture sliders to make the job easier, as well as to protect your floors

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