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House Removals Solution in Perth

Curtis Removals and Storage provides quality residential removal services in Perth to high standards. We make your next move a completely stress free experience whether you are moving from a studio or a multi-storey home. Our professional removalists ensure to handle your furniture and belongings with care.

With our extensive fleet, we are well equipped to handle moves of all sizes according to individual requirements. We offer complete services for residential removals including packing, loading, storage, and even delivery for your convenience.

We offer a full list of moving solutions and take pride in our extremely competitive prices. We are also available to get started right away if your removal project demands it. This high degree of efficiency ensures that everything goes smoothly for you and your family. Regardless of your budget and timeline, we can provide a customised solution that works for you.

If you are looking for residential removal service in Perth, contact us today for a free, no obligation price quote.

Our Services

For residential moves, we offer the following services which can be tailored for your specific requirements.

Packing: We can pack up all your household items before the move including clothes, books, cooking utensils, and more. We can even gently pack any of your fragile valuables, ensuring that they arrive to your new home intact.

Loading: Our professional movers are highly trained and can be trusted to load your possessions. We can handle appliances, furniture, electronics, pianos, and more.

Storage: If you need somewhere secure to store your belongings, we also offer complete storage solutions. Our fully alarmed storage facility ensures that your most valuable items are safe with us.

Delivery: We can safely deliver your possessions with one of our moving trucks. Regardless of the quantity and size of your objects, we can deliver it efficiently and safely.

Unloading: If you need someone to unload everything at your new place, we can also help. For your convenience, we can put the unloaded items wherever you want.

Our removal solutions make moving less stressful and more manageable. Contact us if you have a unique moving project and need a customized solution.

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