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Office Removals Solutions for Business in Perth

Office relocations can be a stressful experience from packing all the furniture to setting up at the new location. Moving means costly downtime for the business and pulling staff from critical tasks to pack and move everything in the office.

Efficiency is important for commercial removals whether for a small business or an entire floor of a building. This ensures minimal impact on productivity for the company. The best approach is to hire commercial removalists to handle the entire move from packing to transporting all furniture and equipment.

At Curtis Removals and Storage, we can handle all the details for office removals in Perth. We do packing, loading, unloading, and much more. Whether you are a small local practice or a large company with several floors of office space, our customised moving solutions can work for you.
We pride ourselves on delivering a highly efficient service. We handle the process with professionalism and get everyone back in business as soon as possible. This ensures that the move is a hassle free and smooth experience, allowing the workflow of your office to be unaffected.

If you are searching for a company that does quality commercial removals in Perth, contact us immediately for a free, no obligation price quote.

Our Services

Whether you need help with certain areas or a complete removal solution, we have you covered. We offer the following office removal services.

Packing : If you need someone to pack up all of your electronics, documents, office supplies, and more, we can help. Our packers take special care to ensure all your belongings and valuables are packed securely.

Loading : We can also gently load all of your office items. This includes large objects such boardroom desks, lobby couches, industrial printers, and more. Loading is carefully done to ensure nothing is damaged.

Storage : During the move you may find some items that are better off in storage, at least temporarily. Our secure and fully alarmed storage facility is a great option for these objects.

Delivery : We have a fleet of large moving trucks that can deliver all of your goods. Everything will be transported securely and in the minimum number of trips required.

Unloading : We can also unload all items at your new office. This includes placing items wherever they are needed for your convenience.

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